Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Settling In

The second day of school went a little smoother since we had the group from SKILD stay with us; giving more individual attention to the students at Dar El Awlad.  For the most part the boys and some girls (bused in) worked hard if we could keep them focused and not frustrated.  They are trying to earn a sticker each day ( to win a prize on Thursday) and we had "Putt Putt" to hold over their heads.

 "Putt Putt" is not what you might think.  It is a water park that is behind Dar El Awlad and there is an agreement between the two entities to use each others facilities.  How hard can it be to keep up with 30 tan or dark-skinned boys and girls at a water park?  It is very hard, but somehow we got home with the correct number.  Lots of bonding took place between the team and the kids.  Trevor become a launching machine and Hannah's arms have to sore from lifting Bilal and Ghedy onto a bouncy slide.  There were even some swimming lessons given by Sarah and others.  What a wonderful resource for these children to have!  Can't wait to do it again on Thursday.

 We had an opportunity to make sure the boys got bathed and fed since two of the house mothers went to a graduation.  They loved having us in their home as the welcomed guests, sharing whatever they have.  This led into an evening time with the boys in which Tiffany shared her testimony.  They asked her excellent questions to understand how God has worked in her life. 

 Fady and Peggy (the manager of Dar El Awlad) had our team in their home for cake and ice cream and to socialize.  It is the Lebanese culture to have guests feel so welcomed and honored.  Their children served us just as they are servants for the Lord at Dar El Awlad.  They have been here 16 years as the "overseer" of the orphanage; loving the boys as their own.  Please pray for God's continued grace and faithfulness for them.


Lanna Palmer

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