Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pre Trip Thoughts From Josh

Today a group of us from Calvary will drive to DFW, board an airplane, and be on our way to Lebanon to begin a two week journey to be on mission.  We are not certain what the trip for each of us will bring, but we feel certain that God has called each of us at this particular time to this particular place and so, we go.  In reality, though we leave Waco today, this journey for me began last summer.  It began as I read posts on this very blog each day about the things that a small group from Calvary was experiencing while in what seemed to be a far away land and a very different culture.  It brought me joy to read about their experience and see pictures of boys overflowing with excitement to have the group there.  As plans for this year’s trip began to develop, I was asked by Tim and Sheila to attend their initial meetings to hear as interim community minister how the church could support their team.  Admittedly, Tim and Sheila had ulterior motives and were pretty clear about it from the beginning when they asked me to bring Jenn along as well.  From that first meeting, it was clear to them that we would be going on this year’s trip even though Jenn and I were certain that it was impossible with our work schedules and commitments.  We had already told everyone that we would be unable to go on this year’s trip when we ran into Les and Lanna at Carino’s and felt that God was pulling us to go this year as we talked with them about the trip.  Needless to say, God has worked everything out for us to be able to go.  I am not certain what lies ahead; but I am excited to see how we might give and receive from those we encounter and the God who has called us in the coming days.
~Josh Caballero

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