Friday, July 13, 2012

A big day!

Today is a big day here at the orphanage. Brent and Ruth are getting married. Brent's grandparents founded the orphanage and his father was one of the boys at the orphanage. Ruth's father worked at the orphanage and she remembers growing up here. Both have a loving heart for the boys at the orphanage and the boys respond to the love and care they feel here at the orphanage.

After breakfast all the boys were put to work cleaning up the area for the evenings festivities. I had the kindergarten. One of the three soon disappeared from work detail. They wanted to be like the big boys and work for Mr. Brent and Ruth. We had them raking and shoveling and then taking it to the dumpster. Talk about herding cats!! It soon escalated into, "Mister, look at him. He does not know how to do. Let me have the rake, I will show you." Or, " I want the shovel, he will not let me."  Needless to say we completed our area of responsibility. I caught myself think how often I am like the boys, going my own way, ignoring The One who knows best for me, yes, often times I want the shovel when the rake has been assigned to me.

One thing that has impressed the team is as Peggy Fadi (wife of orphanage residential director) put it, "we don't think of this as work but as a service to the Lord." 

This afternoon the boys wrote their thank yous to those of you who gave them shoes. Some of the spelling is not quite perfect but there is no doubting the appreciation. Most of the boys had their brand new shoes on for the wedding.

Tonight at the weeding, there were too many guest for the boys to go to the service. Two of three housemothers are relatives of Ruth so they had off this evening and the team were housemothers. The boys were lined up on the balconies waiting to catch a sight of Ruth as she entered the church. When the service was over it was hard to keep the boys from pelting Brent and Ruth with handfuls of rice instead of gently tossing it!

The boys had a reserved area at the reception and each one received a small wedding cake of his own. Brent and Ruth came over and greeting them, posing for pictures with the boys. It was plain to see how much the boys love both Ruth and Brent and are loved by them. For all the boys have or do not have in terms of home lives, here they know they are loved and cared for. Yes, they can be a handful at times, and they do try to get away with pushing the limits. But those who work here love them and think of this as service to the Lord.

 Cleaning up the grounds of the orphange for the wedding.
 Writing thank you cards for all the donated Nike shoes.
 Some of the boys sporting their new shoes.
 Watching the wedding festivities from the balconies.
Brent and the beautiful bride, Ruth.
Some of the boys enjoying their wedding cakes.

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