Saturday, July 14, 2012

Home Already

It’s seems unreal, but the time for the first group of us to journey back to Waco is quickly approaching.  In just a few hours, we will go to the airport to head back home after a long day of sightseeing and saying goodbye to the boys at Dar El Awlad.  We started the day by cleaning up a few things from last night’s wedding after breakfast and then we just played around with the boys until lunch time.  After lunch we went into the city to visit a Christian bookstore, a Muslim mosque, and Pigeon Rock.  Though the afternoon was fun, the day really became exciting after dinner tonight when we had our final program (for some of us) with the boys.  This time rather than us leading a program, they prepared a few kind words of gratitude and presented each of us who will be leaving soon with small gifts of their appreciation.  It was a special time for each of us on the team to hear the boy’s kind words and receive their sincere appreciation and love for our time with them.  Afterwards, two of the boys and Fadi prayed for safe travel on our journey back home.  
As we visited each unit tonight after the program to say our final goodbyes to the boys, I couldn’t help but to think of that word home as we prepare to head home ourselves.   For me home is the place that currently houses myself, my wonderful wife, and our overly excited dog.  Home is my family, my mother and sisters who have always cared for me.  Home is Calvary and my wonderful family of faith that loves and accepts me.   For many of the boys here, Dar El Awlad is the only home they have ever truly known.  It has also become a place in a short amount of time where I feel at home.  We are assured that one day we will experience the greatness of the Kingdom of God when we finally rest in our final home.  However,  after seeing the hand of God at work here in Lebanon through the Beirut Baptist Society and especially in the lives of the staff and the boys here at Dar El Awlad, I feel as if a part of me is already home getting a glimpse into the Kingdom of God.
~Josh Caballero
The boys fixing a bike.
 Just hanging out.

Some of the views in downtown Beirut.  There are 3 different Christian demoninational churches in this picture that are visible from the mosque.
 PhD Whitlark gone Lebanese.
The boys praying for half of the team as they prepare to depart.

Saying goodbye.
Big hugs for those leaving.

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