Saturday, July 20, 2013

Reflections for 2013

Each year is unique for the team that goes to Lebanon and how we bond together and with the boys.  Each year has its’ struggles with illnesses, heat or safety concerns; but it’s strange how this year we were so worried about safety, prior to going, and once we got there we weren’t anxious about it anymore.  The Lord took away that anxiety and made out paths safe; now I didn’t say straight.  I don’t think that I’ve been on more winding roads in my life than this year-going to the northern cedars of Lebanon and the COLD river.  Fortunately, I don’t get car sick.
I really enjoyed getting to know the new director’s family this year.  We met Joseph last year but his family usually goes to Canada for the summer to see his wife’s family.  This year they were at Dar El Awlad and their four children were involved in all of our activities along with Fady’s children.  These children are so mature and helpful and so loving to the boys.  They are learning from their parents what it means to serve others and to follow Christ.  Of course, seeing Jeremy, Sara, Thad and Chandler was like seeing family; just hard to say good-by.  These families seem loving and supportive of each other and their children love Thad and Chandler!
I feel that the bonds are even stronger between Calvary and Dar El Awlad and the relationships are richer and lasting.  Like Tim said in one of his last blogs, the housemother told the boys “Of course they will come back.  Calvary always comes back”.  Maybe it is a truth that these boys need to hold onto.


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