Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mister Mister

"Mister, Mister"
I've strangely grown used to the boys calling me "mister." At first I hated it. "I'm only 24, don't call me mister," I would think. But now, I'm Mr. TC. And that's alright by me!
The morning rolled around, which meant another morning of tutoring and bible study. The boys were getting  out of hand at first, but as soon as I pulled out the Putt-Putt card, where I'd make them sit out 10 minutes at the pool, they straightened up. At least for me they did. The morning finished, and lunch rolled around, and after a relaxing afternoon, it was time to head to Putt-Putt. It was going to be my last outing here for awhile, so I wanted to make it count. But with a sore back, I could only swim so much. The rest of the time was spent just enjoying the nice temperatures and the Lebanese sun.
Ater we got back, the Bouchers invited us to eat dinner with them at an Armenian resturant. Oh my stars, it was some of the best food I've eaten here! And I've eaten some pretty good food, mind you. My favorite dish by far was called Ras Asfour Karaz - or rather beef cooked with cherries and the delicious sauce that goes with it. Thad wasn't really in the mood to eat anything, which secretly pleased me, since I gladly ate what he didn't want.
We then ventured into the Armenian part of town. It was really cool to see this side of Beirut. The power lines overhead are certainly an accident waiting to happen, but on the other hand, it gave this part of the city a distinct feel I had not felt anywhere else yet. We bought some final gifts, and with my leftover lira, I will be heading to the grocery store either Thursday to Friday to stock up on chocolate. Can't beat that Turkish chocolate.

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