Thursday, July 18, 2013


It's Thursday evening here in Lebanon. I can hear basketball being played on the court outside. I'm also seeing and hearing fireworks celebrating a wedding. It's just another evening at Dar el Awlad, only not quite. You see, this is our last evening here, tomorrow evening we depart.
I struggled as to what to write: a summary of the trip (but the journey is not over) what we did today, or maybe something of both.

This morning we helped the boys with their studies. We had a lesson from the Bible which TC gave. One of the boys complimented him on it afterwards. This afternoon, all of us went on a walk in a village a bit up the mountain. At 3000 feet, it was a bit cooler than here and we enjoyed it. After we ate we went up and visited with the boys in their apartments. Tonight they were asking, "why do you have to go?"

Yesterday we did a bit of shopping in an Armenian neighborhood. I was trying to get some items that might be sellable in a Calvary Missions Bazaar for fundraising for next years trip. Yes, we are already planning for next year's trip!!

When we returned to Dar el Awlad, a group of Indian believers had just finished their worship service here in the chapel and were fellowshipping outside.

To simplify it, TC and I (two Anglos from Texas) were sitting on the steps outside the Bouchers at a Boys Home in Beirut Lebanon, getting WiFi signal, listening to Indian Christians fellowship, not understanding a word but feeling the spirit. How do you spell Ecumenical?

Somewhere between the today and yesterday may lay what I am trying to say.

As we wrap up tomorrow, helping the boys with thier lessons, playing with them, laughing with them, there will come the inevitable question from the boys, "Mister, will you come back next year?"

To which I can only reply, "Inshallah-God willing." God willing, Calvary will return next year, and the next and many years into the future helping to teach and show God's love to these boys, and at the same time being taught and shown God's love by these boys.

Inshallah, the journey continues.

Tim Smith

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