Sunday, July 3, 2016

Worship Through Fellowship

Today was our first full day here in Lebanon.  It was filled with a lot of wonderful activities all of which were characterized by fellowship.  I found this fellowship to be meaningful, fun, deep, joyful, but most of all it constituted worship for me today.  
4 of us attended church with the Bouchers while Tim attended with another Dar El Awlad staff member.  We enjoyed Resurrection Church and loved worshiping with believers from all over the world.  It is in fact a small world though.  We met a man at the service who was visiting Lebanon from Portland, Oregon.  He was serving in Lebanon at a dental camp.  He asked where we were from and we told him Waco, TX.  We quickly found out that both of his kids attended Baylor recently and graduated from there.  Love the connections that are made around the world.
 The scripture passage for the morning sermon.
 After lunch there was a cut throat game of foosball in the dining hall.  In Lebanon they call foosball "baby foot" because it is a baby version of football (remember football here means soccer).  Many more games of "baby foot" have already taken place and are likely to still come.
 Our team was taken to Pigeon Rock in downtown Beirut.  No trip to Lebanon would be complete without a visit to this beautiful place.
 Taking in the sights of downtown Beirut such as a flag of Lebanon.
 A large, downtown mosque.
 Roman ruins in the middle of town.
 Our day of sightseeing was topped off with a stop at a local ice cream shop where we all had delicious ice cream!
 As the boys started trickling in to Dar El Awlad we greeted them and then games quickly commenced.
 The boys already got into the large stash of Baylor balls that we brought.  There is much fun to be had with these boys and the sports equipment this week!
Tonight we go to sleep after a full day of wonderful fellowship.  We will wake up tomorrow and begin our week of activities with the boys (devotionals, bible studies, tutoring, field trips, and outdoor activities).  I always look forward to our time with them all.  There is much excitement in the air and I am confident that God is at work.  Please be praying for our time this week to be meaningful and spirit filled.
Thanks for joining us on this journey.

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