Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Rockin River Outing

First, I (Jason) want to thank God for the chance to be with the boys and all who live and work here at Dar el Awlad today.  I had apparently torn a muscle yesterday trying to be a 41- year- old man playing soccer with a bunch of young athletic boys. When I woke up I was unable to get out of bed. Tim and Dr. John (an adopted team member who is here spending time with his sponsored boys) provided excellent medical care and got me to a point where I could travel with the boys to the river and be there with them.

Today we started out with a devotional by Kelly, who explained the meaning of the colors of the balls we brought from Baylor. She hit on key aspects of the gospel with the boys.

Then we loaded up the vans for a day at the River.  Many of the kids waded into the icy-cold water. They screamed both with sounds of joy and shock as they would submerge themselves and splash one another. The group also found their way to the upper river areas for a day of testing their courage as the stood looking down a 20 foot drop into the waters. Abboud probably jumped off the rock 19 times. Even Hannah got into it asking some fretting boys to move out of her way while she ran and launched herself off the cliff at least 6 times.





This was a day filled with fun, fellowship, and joy. The boys delighted in the simple pleasure of playing with one another and of enjoying themselves in a beautiful part of God’s creation. Today, I witness to God’s new creation life at Dar el Awlad. I see it most in the deep and abiding love of those who live here and devote their lives to care for these boys year around. These boys who all have had difficult lives are surrounded with the love of God by all who work here. Most of all the boys are told about the hope God has for us through Jesus Christ.  Both of these have been themes our group has been able to echo with our time of devotions and Bible study with the boys.


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