Thursday, July 7, 2016


We gave the boys their shoes on Wednesday and like in previous years the experience did not disappoint.  To say they were delighted was an understatement!  They receive the shoes and gifts with such joy and gratitude.  It truly is like Christmas morning.  They were so thankful to Calvary and the individual families who bought the shoes for them.

 Each boy had his own bag with his name on it.  They loved coming up when their name was called to receive their bags.
 The ladies each received a bag with makeup products.  I think they enjoyed them as well!

 This particular boy is still learning English so Hannah got to read his note to him.  It was a special moment for me as a mom to see Hannah let the boys enjoy these gifts and help them read their sweet notes.

This has become a tradition for us to bring shoes to the boys.  It is certainly a practical gift that we can give but it has become so much more.  The families at Calvary have embraced the boys and even though most of them have never been to Lebanon with us they gladly join us in this way.  This was such a sweet day for all involved.

- Jennifer

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