Thursday, July 7, 2016

Farm Day Outing

Today we went on another field trip.  This time we went to a dairy farm in the Bakaa Valley.  The Bakaa Valley is to the East of Beirut.  The farm had some animals and vineyards and a beautiful walk around a lake.  The boys had plenty of space and run (and run, and run!) and get their energy out.  We had a picnic lunch when we arrived and then walked through the farm.  We saw cows, horses, deer, goats, sheep, peacocks, and birds.
The boys enjoyed the activity and love anything outdoors (though they did get hot toward the end!).  As we drove east from Beirut and topped the hill toward the valley I heard them all begin shouting about seeing Syria.  You can see the mountain range from the Bakaa Valley and Syria is just on the other side of the mountains.  Sadly, many of them know about the horrible struggles in Syria first hand.  I just know it from the news but many of these boys have fled Syria and even still have family there.  It was eye opening to hear them talk about Syria and continue to point to the mountains.  All I could do was pray for God’s intervention and peace.  One thing I always take away from here when I come are faces and stories with current world struggles.  I hear about Syrian refugees from the comfort of my home in America but here I am thrust out of my comfort zone physically and emotionally when I see their sweet faces and learn of their stories and struggles first hand.  I need to hear and know these things and be reminded of them often!
Otherwise, the bus ride was as you can imagine it would be with a bunch of energetic boys!  They all loved it and so did I!

Here is my back of the bus buddy!

When you top the hill from Beirut this is the view down into the Bakaa Valley.  The far mountains are what the boys were referencing when they were talking about Syria.
 The kids got to pet this horse and the rider even had the horse run around for the kids to see.

 Beautiful vineyards provided picturesque views.
 A gorgeous tree lined walk.

 When it began to get hot some of the boys came up with creative ways to cool off.  I like this idea in particular.

 As we were driving back the bus broke down.  So, no need to worry, as the bus situation was being worked out all the boys were treated to ice cream!  They loved it!  The bus ended up making it back a bit later than the rest of us and we were thankful for that.

A note from Hannah on today:
Today was a good day.  I was so close to Syria for the first time.  It made me feel nervous but then I felt better.  The bus ride was loud and chaotic but sweet also.  I like playing with the boys a lot.  I was scared to know that some of the boys were staying behind when the bus broke down.  I was worried and scared for them.  Then I felt great when I knew they got back safely.  We had an awesome dinner tonight with the Bouchers who are a great family.  Today I was asked if I would like to come back to Lebanon and I said “YES!”

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