Friday, July 3, 2015

We've Arrived!

Our team arrived in Lebanon around 5pm local time on Friday evening. Since our team members went on two different routes to Lebanon we were able to meet up in Milan, Italy and travel the last leg together. We had a bit of a hiccup at the airport when only 2 out of our 10 bags arrived. After about 2 hours of negotiations and conversations we are hoping our bags arrive tomorrow, Saturday, sometime.  Other than our bags not arriving we had relatively smooth travels here.
We arrived at Dar El Awlad around 7:30pm and had a wonderful dinner here. We found our various sleeping quarters and settled in for the first night.
The boys are not at the orphanage at the moment. They have all gone to be with family or relatives for about a week of summer and will be coming back on Sunday afternoon/evening. We eagerly anticipate their return!  Until then, we will do some sightseeing and tourism on Sat.
The welcome back was amazing. For those of us who haven't been here in 4 years it was like we were only gone a week. For those of us who have been here multiple times the reunions were so sweet and refreshing. It's so good to be here.
The weather here is wonderful. There is a cool breeze and it feels amazing.
Thank you all for praying for us and journeying with us. We look forward to sharing many pictures and stories in the days to come.
Much love from Lebanon.
Jennifer Whitlark

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