Friday, July 10, 2015

A Day to Celebrate

The day they've been waiting for--going to the river and getting their shoe packages!  We didn't have tutoring today, so we could get to the river(1 1/2hrs) and have all day to enjoy.  The river is in the mountains and is fed by the melted mountain snow; tall cliffs and many trees created a beautiful canopy.  God's creation was seen and discussed. We even had a short science lesson  on weathering and erosion with some of the students.

This flowing river was lined with river rocks which made it difficult to walk across, but this did not deter the kids from giving it their all.  I wish that I could attach a video for you to see the fun that everyone had:  splashing, laughing, riding in a blow up boats (thanks to Will & Obayda), jumping off cliffs (older boys with Les & Josh), throwing and collecting river rocks, and shivering while eating their sandwiches, watermelon and chocolate bars.  Some started off apprehensive around the water, but were fully invested before we left!  God's protection was with us.

I was named "toilet lady" for the day, which meant I escorted kids up & down a steep hill to the only toilet.  I'm not for sure how I got chosen, but it was great exercise.  Many kids and team members fell asleep on the way back!

Upon returning to Dar El Awlad, the Oasis children and school children left for their homes and the boys bathed, ate dinner and were eagerly ready for the evening program.  We sang fun songs and Mary Alice read "The Day the Crayons Quit"(great book) before shoes were handed out.  This year we were able to give the women at Dar El Awlad Sketcher's shoes/toiletries--I think they were as excited as the boys.  Pictures were taken of each boy with their package of shoes; letters were read to them; shoes were tried on; toys were played with and "traded" and lots of hugs and kisses were given.

The night ended with some of our team and a few of the older kids doing a cup, clap, tap routine to "You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone". Truly, we will miss this place and the relationships that have formed and they will miss us.  God's love stretched from Calvary Baptist Church to Dar El Awlad and it was felt by everyone!

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