Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Well I just got finished playing basketball with some of the older boys here at Dar El Alwad. There are even some guys about my age that come to play a few evenings each week. The orphanage does a great job of making the place feel like home, even after the boys have grown up and moved on.

This morning I went down to the SKILD center and got to see into the program that Sheila has been working so hard on. I had the opportunity to help tutor a boy one on one in math because he just really moves at a slower pace but did very well. After that we had break time and planned a game that you probably couldn’t play in the states anymore. The game was you stood in a circle and going around the circle you would slap the persons hand next to you to try and make them grimace in pain. If that happened then you were out and the circle got smaller. It is just fun to see how kids are kids all over the world and will make up games to help pass the time.

After working at SKILD Tim went with me down into Beirut to do some serious souvenir shopping. I was looking for a certain item and after spending a few hours at the same shop yesterday we went back to get the item that my wife and I wanted. This time was very enjoyable as well as yesterday just getting to know the people at the shop and looking around. Here we sat around and had coffee and talked about many different things with the salesmen. It is enjoyable not to be rushed in shopping but able to build a relationship and learn from those men.

A blessing that I had today was going to a bible study at the Seminary while we waited to start work at SKILD. This was a time to talk about the old and new self and be reminded of the need to put on Christ each day. Another blessing was getting to eat dinner with one of the units here at the orphanage and just continue to fellowship and love on these boys. They have been great and have touched my heart in a special way.


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