Monday, July 11, 2011

Friends and Family,
Today was our first day of summer school(AM) and crafts/recreation(PM) with the boys.  They returned Sunday night after being home with relatives for three weeks.  We partnered with a local church in Lebanon to do the morning school.  They practiced their Arabic (we were no help), English and Math.  They were divided into grade levels and one from our group taught with someone from the other church.  It really worked out well for the first day.  One of the students, Michael, taught me how to record their voices on my iphone.  I guess I was also a student.
We had a break between school and the afternoon activities (much needed).  The boys were divided between old and young and one group did crafts (kite making) while the other group played basketball and soccer.  It's hard to say if the leaders or the kids were more tired when it was time to go inside.  They listened to the plan of salvation using the colors on our BU sports balls (which they loved playing with).  The boys also loved playing with the donated cars and trucks that we brought, even the older boys.  They all got a BU whistle that we had to take up before they went inside to see their house mother.  We thought the mothers might kill us for that.  
We also went to their rooms after dinner to give BU pennants, posters and water bottles that were donated.  They are now huge fans!  Brent (06), the house father of the youth had already indoctrinated them about BU.
Enjoy the pictures of the day!

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  1. What wonderful pictures! Thank you so much for sharing, Lanna :)