Monday, July 11, 2011

I had my first full day at the SKILD (Smart Kids with Individual Learning Differences) Learning Center today from nine till two. It was so good to be back with the staff. They showered me with greetings of hugs and kisses! After tea and coffee, we got down to the business of the day which partly involved helping with the camp they are currently conducting for students with disabilities. These children come from several schools in the area which the Learning Center is serving. These camps will be going on every day from now till the middle of August. I had lunch with the campers and then met with the directors and teachers to plan the rest of the week.

Tomorrow I will be doing training with the Woodcock Johnson Battery of Assessments. This will take all day and several teachers from Beirut Baptist School will be joining us as well. I was glad to meet up with the rest of our team for supper at the orphanage. We had fried cauliflower sandwiches, cauliflower fried without any batter, on thin pita bread with a garlic/lemon/tahini sauce(sesame seeds ground into a thin paste) and cucumbers. Then we had the best, juiciest, yellow plums as part of our meal.

After supper, most of the team visited with the little boys in their dorms while I chose to hang out outside under the tree watching the older boys play basketball. They eventually migrated over to where I was sitting and we had some lively conversations about their passing government exams, future career plans, and the excitement of trying to get a driver's license in Lebanon, It's neat to watch how different kids have attached themselves to different team members wish you could all be here with us.


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