Saturday, July 15, 2017

Reflections by Lindsey

We have been home for a few days now and we’re getting back to our daily routines. Elijah as readjusted to Central Time better than I have which I think is great! He sure is happy to have his taquitos, strawberry yogurt and Chef Boyardee raviolis now that he is back in the States!! The look on Elijah’s face when we got home to his dogs was priceless! He sure did miss body slamming them and feeding them his dinner from his highchair.

I am very glad that we decided to go as a family to Dar el Awlad. Yes, it was hard work. Yes, I was getting a little flustered with Elijah towards the end of the trip since he was extra clingy to me. Although we had a toddler to take care of which made the trip a little harder  I am extremely grateful that we were able to experience all of this as a family. The staff at DeA were very hospitable and were helpful with chasing and corralling my little one. Everyone showed him so much love and compassion. I love how their eyes filled with joy when playing with him or watching him chase the cats. They say it takes a village to raise a child and we couldn’t have survived the trip (with our sanity intact) without the help of our team members and everyone at DeA. Thank you.

The boys at DeA were amazing and I truly miss them. I was driving home today after taking Elijah to the park and couldn’t help but think of the boys and how I wish I could take them to the park with Eli. They would have loved it. I miss listening to their laughter and watching them play soccer.

The trip was truly amazing. It was wonderful to see how God is working at DeA through the staff and through the boys. I think of the boys and pray for them frequently. I wish Lebanon was closer so I could see them more! I can't wait until we can visit them again and see how much they have grown. I am so happy to be apart of Calvary's continued love and support for the children and staff at Dar el Awlad.

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