Saturday, July 1, 2017

On Jul 1, 2017 10:04 PM, wrote:
God brought us here safe and sound and with a little energy to spare :)
The first full day here was excellent. Everyone at the orphanage has been so friendly and welcoming to us. 
The streets are busy and the language is different, but I feel so comfortable. 
At the moment I'm still in a little "aww", combined with a long and bit of am exhausting day,  so I will translatey feelings today like this:
The view: higher than I could have imagined and perfectly molded by God. 
The atmosphere: Sweet and simple,I can feel God here.
The Dar Awlad team: the friendliest smile, the most giving hands, and compassionate.
Traffic: crazy, nuts, coocoo, loud, but miraculously safe.
Byblos: beauty that never ages. 
The food: well...its the best, most delicious, fresh food I've ever had in my life
The ice cream: just about as sweet as life itself
 :) :) :)

Today was a good day. 
Jasmine Padgett

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