Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hello there, My current situation: I am sitting on the couch in the "tree house" apartment. My fan is on and all the windows are open refreshing me with a constant breeze. It is a little cooler today and it feels nice. I am listening to the buzz of the fan. I can hear the hammering and sawing on the new apartments being built up the hill. I'm listening to the birds and the bugs in the trees. This is such a beautiful place and the people here at dar alwad are so incredibly hospitable and compassionate it's overwhelming. We leave in 3 days and my heart aches to stay a while longer. Just the thought of leaving has brought tears to my eyes. I want so much more time to spend with these boys. I want to show them all the love I possibly can in such short time. I want to give of myself all that I am able. I pray to God that it is in my favor for this to be my first trip but certainly not my last. I don't know if I can finish the days of my life having only been here once and for only a week. The days here are quite full and busy, but each moment that I stop to breath and look around........The joy floods my heart and the tears fill my eyes again. Coming to this place has been one of the greatest miracles in my life and I'm abundantly grateful that God saw fit for me to receive this miracle. My life and my eyes have been opened to more glory because of Lebanon. Although, I must be live in honesty and say there is 1 thing I hate! Yes, I know most people probably wouldn't put that in a blog post for so many others to see, but I feel like I must.. SOMETHING I ABSOLUTELY HATE ABOUT LEBANON............ I have searched and searched and continued to search my phone and camera to find a photo that actually reflected the beauty I am seeing here! Not 1 single picture! At first I thought " why would God create a city too beautiful to be photographed!?!?!??", But I guess it is so people will keep coming back! 😁😁😁😁😁 Well, that could be a pretty good reason, and I think I am alright with that. I think I love the view of the city most at night. All of the lights sparkling across the hills and mountains is so stunning, and they seem to last for miles and miles. Even though this trip will end, I will enjoy every second will all the happiness and love I can endure; and even though I live many miles away, a part of Dar Awlad, Monsourieh, Lebanon will forever live close in my heart. Jasmine Padgett

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