Saturday, June 29, 2013


S K I L D is a specialized center in Lebanon dedicated to providing individualized support in special needs, counseling and community awareness: a transformational approach to families, children/teenagers, and even professionals in Lebanon who struggle with learning differences. We believe our professionals can help every child and person receive a quality education through various languages (english, french, arabic) and approaches depending on the beneficiaries need, in order to build on their strengths and to address their individual learning needs.We have been asked why do we refer to the term “Learning Differences instead of Learning Difficulties”. A young friend of ours explains it best:
“When you say someone has a learning disability, you are focusing on what they can’t do. When you talk, instead, about a learning difference, you talk about someone who can do anything, so long as they approach it in the right way.”
- Tony, Age 11

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