Saturday, June 29, 2013

Returning to Lebanon and Dar El Awlad

I think I mentioned last year how it reminds me of going to a family reunion.  One has to get through the hand shaking and greeting the adults with “It’s so good to see you again”. Seeing the boys and commenting on how much they have grown and changed takes a couple of hours before everyone feels comfortable; then relationships begin where they left off last year and new relationships are formed.  There are several new boys this year and I can’t wait to meet them and there are new people on our team that are anxiously awaiting this new adventure to which God has called them.  While we are here preparing for our travels, God is preparing our way, and that gives me the most comfort.
I am most excited to see Jeremy, Sarah, Thad, and Chad (which I haven’t met); they are a part of our Calvary family, an extension of us working in Lebanon.  We had an opportunity to Skype with them last week and they seemed really excited for us to get there.  They even had a little shopping list for us to bring:  Texas Pecan coffee, Blue Bell ice cream, Mexican food and a Texas sunset!  They might be a little home sick, but I know God will use this team to encourage them and love on their children.  We will take lots of pictures to share with you.  Thank you for your prayers and support.

Lanna Palmer

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