Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thoughts before the trip

I can’t believe it is already the end of June and our trip is here! It feels like time has flown by since our first interest meeting!
I have wanted to be a part of this trip for some time now but for some reason or another I have been unable to go. I am so excited that this year I can finally go on this trip and minister to the children of Dar El Awad. Now, some would say Nathan and I are a little crazy for bringing our 20 month old but I am SO excited to share these moments with him and see the expressions on his face when he plays with the boys.  I know that his smile and free spirit will be such a joy to the boys and the staff of DEA. Taking the trip to Lebanon definitely was not an easy decision. Nathan and I discussed one of us going and the other staying home with Elijah and I remember telling Tim that there was ‘no way’ I could bring a one year old on a 16 hour plane ride!!! After much prayer and discussion with Tim and Sheila  I really felt that God was calling us to Lebanon and that Elijah will be fine to come with us (it’s just part of the adventure right?!!?). I am so excited to see the beautiful country of Lebanon and see what life for the boys is like inside the home. I am really looking forward to our time with the boys, leading a small portion of our VBS and taking the kids to the river.

Lindsey Spears

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